The clock is really ticking now…


And it’s down to the last 27 hours and we still have a couple of crashing bugs. And what are we going to do? Should we give it up and just delay Alpha? Tomorrow’s Saturday after all and while we’ve worked hard, we are not ready. Well, it certainly would be easier to just say, sorry, we need a little extra time. What did we decide to do? Should we take the easy route?

Easy be damned! We’re going to come into the office tomorrow. We’re going to turn on the cameras and we’re going to Live Stream our efforts to meet our estimated Alpha date. We know we don’t have to do that, it was an estimated date after all and our Backers have been wonderful, but I promised you that our team would always give you our best effort. Sometimes, that means extra work and not just throwing in the towel (or would that be a Luchorpan?) and going home. We might not make it, but we are damn well going to try to meet that estimated date.

So, starting tomorrow around 10AM Eastern Time, we will turn on the cameras and you can watch as the team, that your support made possible, goes that extra distance for the Backers who made this all possible! Same BSC time, same BSC Twitch channel.


P.S. Shalom Leonard Nimoy. You and the rest of the cast and crew of Star Trek, inspired so many of us. Especially this not-so-grown up kid, who was fortunate enough to watch your T.V. performances when they aired for the first time. We all will never forget you.