This is your story

This is the story of how you chose one of the three Realms and carved your name in the blood of your enemies. This is the story of how you became a legend.

The world is broken

Shattered. No one knows exactly how; all we know is that eons ago, the Veil was pierced. They say the Veil was the only border between our world and a stranger, more magical world Beyond. Through that puncture came the Emissaries. Through that tear in reality came the Dragons.

Some hold that the Veil itself is alive; a mysterious entity that did not like being pierced. At all. Its violent reactions caused the Veilstorms. These storms tore across the earth and changed everything.

Abominations and new races were forged from the fires of magic and winds of the Veilstorms, creating something new out of humanity. Sometimes, the changes made us stronger; usually, the unchecked magic made us into monsters.

The Emissaries

The Emissaries gifted us with immortality to repopulate the world, and left us with dark secrets. They forged three swords of power to choose our leaders. Three brothers appeared, and took the three swords. With the power of these artifacts, they were reshaped, forever changed into what they were most like inside: Arthur, Sigurd, and Nuada. Each forged a Realm out of the tiny area of habitable land left in the world. In the center, they founded Camelot, the glorious place of peace known as the One True City.

However, Camelot fell. The land broke apart as the stabilizers failed, and the three Realms were torn asunder by explosive magic. Three islands of civilization remained, lost in the vastness of the Stormlands.


Now each Realm fights for its king, seeking to rebuild the One True City in their own image. Which path will you take? Who will you fight for?