[KS Update] Morning Update – May 1st 2013


The clock is really ticking now! We’ve got 24 hours to go and we’re still $152,000 away from our goal. While that may seem like a lot, it is less than 10% of our original ask and that percentage has been raised by all of the most successful game-based Kickstarters during their last 24 hours. If you know someone is still sitting on that fence, see if you can convince them that this side is so much more fun! Let them know that they can join us as we work together to create the next great RvR MMORPG.

At approximately 2PM EDT I will open up some new tiers based on backer demand (can I have my ducks back now???). 🙂 These tiers are:

1) Living Large 2 – 25 new homes total, 40 extra FPs and to be fair to our LL backers, the tier will be priced at $1200

2) Proposed Lighthouse Tier

$3500 – Along the StormWatch– DIGITAL ONLY============================== With this tier PLEDGE OWNER ONLY receives HOME WITH A VIEW rewards and THESE UPGRADES: a SMALL REALM-LOCKED PLOT in ONE REALM’S STORMWATCH (name subject to change) areas, your HWAV HOUSE will be upgraded to a lighthouse-like structure, and a TOTAL OF 500 FOUNDER’S POINTS. To ensure consistency with the game’s lore, no other structure can be built on your plot but the plot and the LIGHTHOUSE will be designed with the help of CSE to add walls and other protective features. This plot and lighthouse will be SUBJECT TO ATTACK/DESTRUCTION but it will be rebuilt by the REALM at NO COST to the player. The LIGHOUSE CANNOT BE BLUEPRINTED. Your plot will remain your property as long as the game is operating, even if the account goes inactive. While we guarantee that you’ll have a plot somewhere in your server of choice (based on when you backed this game), not all plots are created equal. Backers will be contacted based on when they pledged for Camelot Unchained and gave us their contact information. Additionally, this tier will come with an additional HERO FOREVER PLEDGE TIER because the STORMWATCH is a lonely job. This tier will not be available after release. Estimated delivery of Internal Testing Access: January 2014.

I will also open a copy of the DragonWhale tier.

Next up will be an updated chart and explanation of the FE/FP process.

Yesterday’s loss of time and momentum due to Amazon’s over 4 hour outage hurt us but we still have enough time to make this happen with your support. We hope that in less than 24 hours, together we will truly begin an epic journey!


P.S. Enjoy a piece of concept art from our wounded (wrist) concept artist duckling Sandra!

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