[KS Update] Ding!


Our 30-day journey has ended but our real journey has just begun. It has been an exhilarating roller-coaster ride that has seen us weather the power of the ServerStorms, illness and injury in the studio and the usual trial and tribulations of our first Kickstarter campaign. We have all made many new friends along the way and while we will take leave of you tomorrow, the parting will be very brief. When we return after some much needed R&R, we will be back hard at work with one of our first goals to get the Backer Forums up and running.

Sometime after the Kickstarter closes we will prepare a survey for each of you. We will ask you some questions that we need you to answer carefully (like your email address for example) so we can ensure that you will be able to join all of us in the forums. So, frankly don’t take too long or we will be deprived of each other’s idears! 🙂

The creation of Camelot Unchained is our goal but along the way we will all share in a great adventure. As our backers, you will be part of a creation process unlike any other MMORPG’s creation to date. Up to now I have shown you that we can “talk the talk” while Andrew has proven that he can “walk the walk” but again, this is only the beginning. If the Kickstarter process is like a roller-coaster ride, then what’s coming next is the greatest thrill ride of all time. Scary, yes but in the end we will come through safely and we can say that we did it together. And we would rather have you guys along for the ride than anyone else we know! From all of us at CSE you have our most humble thanks and deepest appreciation. We won’t let you down.

-Mark Jacobs & Andrew Meggs


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