[KS Update] Afternoon Update – June 18th 2013


The countdown has begun! In one week from today we will no longer offer Founder’s level pledge tiers for Camelot Unchained. Once those tiers pass into the Veil, their stay there will be quite permanent. Later this summer, they will be replaced with Backer’s Pledges, which will still be good values but will not be as chock full of Camelot Unchained awesomeness as our current pledge tiers. Most importantly, they will also not include Founder’s Points or a similar system. So, if you or someone you know is still thinking about pledging, now is the time, especially if you want access to the Founder tiers and their unique rewards.

As to our current Founders, we have begun work on a “pledge management” system that will allow you to combine pledges, add additional FPs, upgrade your current pledge and otherwise manage your account(s). As I promised during the Kickstarter, once that is complete, we will also add (Fall/Winter 2013) an online store component where Founders/Backers can purchase T-shirts, mouse pads, etc. There will be special “Founders Only” physical items and, as usual, none of these will come with any advantage in the game itself.

We will have another update this week which will feature some early concept art for a Dwarf-inspired race, an updated St’Rm and the first in a series of very brief pieces about the evolution of some of the races of Camelot Unchained.