[KS Update] – Afternoon Update December 6th 2013



It’s been a long three weeks and while we had to shift gears a bit on a few items (especially me, as our forum Founders can attest), it was a very productive Sprint. The engineers went through a huge block of scheduled code reviews and that took up a bit of time. The reviews come up mostly peachy keen but they did take away some time from actual coding. Still, it was more than worthwhile and as always, it means <cue music from the Six Million Dollar Man> we can rebuild our code, better, faster and stronger! 🙂 Besides the usual suspects, we did have some bonus items too! Here we go:

Sprint 07:

  • Animation editor weapon targeting implementation.
    Miss – 50% Completed.
  • Animation states to connect behaviors based on player input.
  • Integration of animation transition states between primary animation
  • Begin work on behavior selections in client.
  • Logging in and out error console
  • Animation 3d view flying camera controls for animation editor. & Implement character controls in animation editor viewer.
    Miss – 90% Complete. Both related.
  • Begin work on advanced handling failures in patch server.
    Completed – ongoing task.
  • Complete first pass guild invites.
  • Create a functional chat window.
  • Begin work on “kill spam” for January’s opening of IT.
    Completed – continues next sprint.
  • Completed Valkyrie combat animations.
  • Complete Animation editor weapon targeting test case.
  • Create new intro video for future website use.
    First pass Completed.
  • Continued armor concepting.
  • Second pass Valkyrie textures.
    Miss – Refocused on new website art.
  • New art work for future website use. 
  • Test vfx for January playtest.
  • Re-skin St’rm to new rig.
  • Create new renders of races/classes for future website use.
  • Begin work on high res Luchorpan model.
  • Second pass environment for January playtest.
  • Website design work and oversight.
  • Prep first survey for all Founders. Note: We tested the survey system this week with our IT testers and it worked fine. FYI, the IT folks that didn’t respond to this survey, you need to do so. Responding to surveys is part of being an IT tester.
    Decided not to do this based on feedback on forums.
  • Second pass archery vision doc.
    Miss – Pushed back to focus on new tiers based on founder feedback.
  • First pass next combat vision doc.
    Miss – As per above.
  • Finish next race Becoming tale.


  • First Pass – Attack system – server references structure of attacks vs. hard coded data.
  • Second pass Attack system – client side attack structure and hotbar setup
    In Progress.
  • Add increasing timeout to client patcher

So, not a bad Sprint and we’re set up nicely for the next one that is:

  • Create process to import 3d models into animation viewer.
  • Finish Animation 3d view character and camera controls.
  • Continued work on handling failures in patch server.
  • Implementation of first-pass of multi-platform chat system.
  • Finish work on kill spam in chat window.
  • Finish new artwork for race/class/realm website changes.
  • New artwork and website integration of Builders Tiers.
  • Third pass attack system.
  • Second pass animation editor weapon targeting solution.
  • Second pass new intro vid for website changes.
  • Additional animation videos of previously completed races for website.
  • Finish high res Luchorpan.
  • Continued armor concepting.
  • Low res and weighted Luchorpan.
  • Edits to St’Rm facial geometry.
  • Third pass environment for January playtest.
  • New text for realm/race/class website pages.
  • Begin reveal of final Becoming story for this race cycle.
  • Integration of previous Becoming stories to website.
  • Archery 2.0 doc.
  • Continued technical development of magic system vfx
  • Continued work inviting guilds to forums.


As always, thanks to all our Founders for their support and backing of our project. Next week should be a very good week for us, and we hope, for you as well. Enjoy your weekend!