Evening Update – Thursday, June 19th, 2014 – Updated


Today’s update comes in four parts.

The first part of the update is news on the funding front. We just passed another Stretch Goal! As a result, we are hiring Max Porter, author of the Astari series of fantasy novels, as our full-time writer and editor. Thank you to all our new Backers, as well as our current Backers, who helped make this possible.

As to the second part of today’s update, with the completion of “The Writer Cometh,” we have revealed our next Stretch Goal, a Bounty System. As we said on our website, our intention is to take bounties to the BSC level! Our bounty system applies the real-world concept of bounties to our game, and then adds so much more. Bounties can be offered by any one of three entities: by the Realm (all the way up to the king), by a Guild, and by individual players. Bounties can be placed on everything from certain NPCs in the game, to creatures found in The Depths, to the most well-known players in the land. These bounties are not daily quests, nor are most even repeatable. Can you be the player that earns the favor of King Arthur by taking down one of the most notorious players in the Viking Realm? Can you return that soul shard for someone of your own Realm? What about that guild from another Realm, which has been harassing your town? Or, what about that special piece of land or structure you need to control? And it doesn’t stop there. Our bounty system will also reward the player who gets a bounty placed on them, and there’s still more to tell!

The third part of today’s update is to let you know that tomorrow, June 20th at 12PM EDT/4PM GMT, Andrew and I will be taking part in a Live Streaming event. So head on over to our Twitch Channel (http://www.twitch.tv/citystategames), where we will be talking and taking questions from our Backers and other interested folks.

The final part of our update has to do with the BSC Daze. We’ve been putting the game’s client candidate through its paces today, and we’re looking good in terms of announcing the date. The second stress test started at 6PM EST, and if the final test, scheduled for 9 PM EST, goes well, we will announce the date during tomorrow’s update.

It’s been a busy week for us here, and all goes well.

As always, thanks for your support.

See you tomorrow, live and in living color on Twitch!