Evening Update – Friday, November 14th, 2014


Another good week here in CSE Land. We got a lot of work done, our office passed fire inspection, and we are getting ever closer to the end of the second P.A.T.

We knocked a total eight of items off the P.A.T. #2 Checklist and added five bonus items. You can view the full list here but the items we completed were:

  1. Add attachable lights/vfx to objects
  2. Add Inverse mouse support
  3. Add Resource Manager to server
  4. First Pass – Skill and ability training template
  5. First Pass- Concept Mages
  6. Improved crash report generation
  7. List of materials for armor and armor types defined by light, medium, and heavy armor
  8. Preliminary Realm-based vfx concepting

We also added five other completed items:

  1. World Editor – Placeable point and spot lights
  2. World Editor – Lock feature for placeables 
  3. World Editor – Search filter in Scene Tree
  4. Added a /help command that prints out all chat slash commands
  5. First Pass – VFX concepting Magma and Storm elements

That wraps up today’s update. Sorry about not having any Pre-Alpha tests this week. The new networking code Andrew has magicked up is a rather major change to the game and as such, needed more time in IT.

Next week will begin with an update on our Mages from yours truly, and hopefully, another Pre-Alpha Test as well. Keep your fingers, toes, and wings crossed, this new code is quite a powerful new addition to our engine. Sometimes, even the best designed and built engine needs a little more loving from its engineering team!

Have a great weekend everyone!