Afternoon Update – Thursday, December 4th, 2014


What time is it? It’s time for a new P.A.T. Checklist from the folks at CSE! This is P.A.T Checklist #3, and like the two that preceded it, there are lots of fun items to look at. The full checklist can be found here, but I want to call out some of the special items that we are working on as we continue our way to opening Alpha Testing next year. FYI, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up adding some items to this checklist, as we have the previous two. Here are some of the highlights:

1)      First pass building system – Yep, you read it right! We have already begun implementing the building system for this game, and you’ll be able to see an early version in action during this P.A.T.

2)      Improvements to client performance – While this will be an ongoing item, lasting as long as the game itself, we’ll be making our first pass at improving client performance in quite a while. Last month we rocked the network and PhysX side, now we begin to do the same on the client side.

3)      First pass ability crafting system UI – This should be a fun one. I expect much breakage and fun as we all get to play with this system.

4)      Lots of lore updates – For our lore fans, we’ve got at least 5 updated stories for you!

5)      First pass Mage VFX and casting concept art – Wonder what your mage character could look like while casting a spell? Well then folks, you won’t have to wonder for much longer.

6)      New abilities and shapes will be added to the build, including Cone and Wind. The A.I.R. system is getting closer and closer to being more than just a BSC idea.

7)      First pass art and tech for grass system – Thanks to the enlightened decision-making of some of our state legislatures, we can now add grass to our game! Rejoice!!

8)      If you didn’t get the joke in (7) above, my apologies. And yes, we are putting in the tech for truly adding a good grass system to our builds.

9)      Improve duck pedestal collision in control game – This one is for Donnie T. Once implemented, when he collides with a duck, it eats him! Well, not really but I couldn’t resist.

When you see the full list, once again here, you will see all the other items that we are currently working on. As always, stay tuned for updates to the P.A.T. list during its run. It’s going to be a very interesting P.A.T., and it only gets more interesting going forward!

FYI, we are up to 4,533 t-shirts that our Backers have said they will buy when we make them available. All I can say to that is WOOT! Thanks folks, for the amazing responses so far (even some of the critical ones, all feedback is appreciated), and please respond to the survey if you are interested in buying one, so we can order the right number!

That’s it for now.

As always, thanks for your support!