Afternoon Update – Friday, June 20th, 2014


Two updates in two days! Seems like the Kickstarter all over again, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a good day for CSE, and we wanted to share it with you all!

Over the last 24 hours, we’ve been putting our game through some IT-fueled stress tests. While I would like to say it came through those tests perfectly, well, nothing is perfect. Especially in MMORPG land! However, the game came through these tests better than any tests we ran “back in the day” with a certain other game, which was at the same point in development. What I mean is, we have zero/nil/no server crashes, and a very low rate of client crashes. As a matter of fact, our server hasn’t crashed once since the day it was first put up for testing, many months ago! Not too shabby, when you consider we support hundreds of Backers and bots, simultaneously running around in a small space and trying to kill each other.

So, while we still had some client crashes, the rate is less than one per one hundred play sessions (entering the game, then quitting and restarting the game, on average. Well, to be exact: Based on a sample of the first 5000 Backer (not CSE employees) sessions, we had 19 crashes, for a failure rate of 0.38%. We had a little bit more server lag as the tests stretched into the late evening, but considering we never rebooted the server and the total number of sessions that our IT folks logged was, umm, ridiculously high, we were quite pleased. And the best news: it’s only going to get better. This day of stress testing allowed us to finally commit to the start of the BSC Days.

Today on our Live Stream (tasty linkage here), we announced the “set in stone” date for the BSC Days: Monday, July 14, 2014. The schedule for this four (possibly five)-day event will include:

1) Lots of giveaways from outside of the family – We have a number of sponsors who have donated some cool items to this event.

2) Lots of giveaways from our family – We will be giving away tiers, upgrades, CSE points, etc. My goal is to give away something each hour of the BSC Days.

3) Lots of presentations – Expect magic of all kinds during the presentations. We will cover a wide range of subjects, from Backer-related stuff to tech and design.

4) Lots of Q&A time. Every morning after the first one, Jenesee will be answering selected questions from our Backers regarding the previous day’s presentations.

5) And a whole lot more!

These BSC Days are a big thank-you to our Backers for their support over the last year, and has a lot of new information for them and other interested parties. So, expect a lot of fun, some technical difficulties (it’s our first major event of this kind), and lots and lots of information.

Have a great weekend, all!

And as always, thanks for your support!