72 hours of Alpha Testing begins July 3rd, 2015


Today’s tests went well, so we are going to open the Alpha Servers at 12PM Eastern Time tomorrow, Friday, July 3rd, 2015. We welcome all of our Alpha and IT folks to join us in 72 hours of Alpha testing! This is, what we hope will be, the final build candidate before we let some of our Beta Backers into select Alpha tests. We’re pretty confident that this version has eliminated the vast majority of rubberbanding and server performance issues but, as usual, we want to be extra cautious before we let the Beta folks in.

What? Alpha/IT Test

When? July 3rd, 2015 @ 12PM EDT / 9AM PDT / 4PM UTC/GMT

Where? Wyrmling

Duration? Seventy two hours!

What we are looking for?
Rubberbanding issues and any server stability issues! The last Wyrmling test looked really good but we want to be sure that the current build is stable for the vast majority of our Alpha backers before we invite some of the Beta players.So, if you experience any client crashes, please post on our Forums in the appropriate discussion.
There are a few major changes in the current Wymling build all Alpha Testers should be aware of before entering the game:

1) With the addition of Nvidia’s HBAO+, older, DX10 video cards may have more issues than they did in previous builds. We’ll be tweaking the implementation of course but even if you have an older card, please give it a shot anyway and report your problems on the Alpha Forums.

2) Run speed has been reset back to its previous value now that we finished the testing that required the higher speed. Sorry folks, no more “Benny Hill-like” moments!

3) We made a last minute tweak to our melee characters to make their attacks more effective. So, don’t be surprised if your melee attacks hit a little bit harder than they did earlier today.

FYI, for those that are confused about the various time zones in the world and now they relate to Eastern Time (which can be either Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time in the US),here’s what we use to lay out the times – http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/utc-to-pst-converter. You can set it up to work with your time zone and ours quite easily!

See ya soon!


P.S. Our studio is now closed for the July 4th holiday.