The Sound Engineer Cometh

While sounds and effects have always been part of the game plan for Camelot Unchained™, there are sounds and effects and there are AWESOME SOUNDS AND EFFECTS.
This Stretch Goal will allow us to contract with a sound engineer to deliver the kick ass, immersive sounds and effects that we all want and you deserve. Part of this goal will cover licensing the Audiokinetic Wwise engine (
and technical support for it, as well as some great plug-ins, while the rest will go toward the salary and expenses of the sound engineer.

When we complete this Stretch Goal, we will also pass the $3M mark of donations to this game. When we do that, we will also reward all of our current Backers with a small thank-you from all of us at CSE.

So if you want us to take sounds and effects to the next level in this game, supporting this Stretch Goal is the best way to do it! And if not, well, we’ll go with a more modest effort. To help in the decision-making, we’re in the process of preparing a little video… < insert evil laugh here >

In all seriousness, we will of course have fine sounds and effects without this Stretch Goal. However, we would love to be able to deliver something truly outstanding, and this Stretch Goal is the way of making that happen. Also, this Stretch Goal ensures that we won’t have to use an excess of the studio’s current programming/design team on sounds and effects.