The Giants

Now that The Depths™ has sunk into place in Camelot Unchained™ it’s time to add some more inhabitants to our world. To date, the vast majority of our races have been of average size. It’s time to add some ”plus size” races to the mix. Over the course of this stretch goal we will introduce some of the possible “Giants of Camelot Unchained” for your perusal. These races will be used as both player races and as well as some of the inhabitants of The Depths. Each giant race will be unique to their Realm (no mirrors used here either). While the concept of giants isn’t new, it wouldn’t be Camelot Unchained if we didn’t do things just a wee bit differently. Soon you will learn a little about all of these races and how they fit into our world. FYI, these giants are certainly taller than all of the other races but they still have to fit within the world as built by us and the players. In terms of size, think of them as the exact opposite of the Luchorpán. P.S. They don’t start as giants but that doesn’t mean…


Giants of clay and fire, the Golems are known as the Kiln-Born. They are mighty builders, and can transform their bodies into defenses for the Realm.

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Fir Bog

Known as the Caretakers, the Fir Bog protect the bogs and swamps with giant-sized might. Some say that dark secrets lie deep down in the peat and moss, and each Fir Bog hides a deep mental connection to every other Caretaker.

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A large and imposing people infused with ice, the blue-skinned Jötnar are known as Frost Giants. As they age they literally get bigger, stronger and tougher and even more frightening to behold on the battlefield. The Jötnar are not unthinking brutes however, for not all stories and legends are true, even here among the Changed.

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