Here’s a fun Stretch Goal that can be completed during the game’s development phase. Now that our new animation system is in the game, we want to give all of our players (and especially our RP-focused players), some extra love. What we’d like to do is outsource a whole lot of fun RP-focused animations to add to the game. Thus, for those of you who would love to see things like d… dan… (Darn it, you folks know I hate this word, remember the Imperator tee-shirt?) dancing, racial idles, class-based taunts, and other fun and useful animations added to the game, this Stretch Goal is for you!

For those who aren’t fans of RP-style animations, well, the good news is that because our in-house animators won’t have to create these, they can focus all their time on the more combat-oriented and difficult animations. Thus, this Stretch Goal is a win-win for all of our Backers, whether they are RP-focused or not, as it does not slow down our development schedule.

Once this Stretch Goal is met, we will contract with an outsourcing house or contract animators to provide these animations for the game. To be clear, this Stretch Goal is intended to be ready for launch; this is not an Extender Pack.

RP Duck