Since before the Kickstarter for Camelot Unchained™ began, we have talked about how to reward our players for their success in RvR. While we discussed progression rewards in terms of skills, minerals, and so on, we haven’t talked a lot about what we are going to do with rewards that might be considered more cosmetic and geared toward role-playing. With this Stretch Goal, we are going to take the Realm Honors concept to the next level, thanks in part to the addition of C.U.B.E. to our game.

What does this mean for our Backers? It means that we are going to add a whole bunch of cosmetic-only things to the game, which will NOT be for sale in a cash shop. These will be rewards that can be displayed on your person, your house, or in your C.U.B.E. creations. So whether they are special fountains to place outside of your home, new statues on your mantelpiece, custom Realm Honor flags for your home, or certain, “interesting,” things to put on pikes, this SG is all about the “Phat Realm Lewt!” And just to be clear, while some of these rewards are geared to C.U.B.E. or to houses, others are not.

This goal will be completed by launch, as it will only require us to outsource this work with a minimal amount of in-house oversight and design/programming work. It will not delay launch in any way, and as such, it is consistent with our stated policy of not adding “lag inducing” Stretch Goals. 🙂

This is part one of a possible two-part Stretch Goal. The second part could include items that would be more than cosmetic, and as such, would require significant programming and design support. Due to their effect and usefulness in RvR, as well as the time they will take to balance, the items of Part Two will only be scheduled, sometime next year, as an Extender (not expansion) Pack for the game. The reason we are mentioning it now is two-fold: to inspire discussions with our Backers, as well as to be clear, as we always try to be, when it comes to Stretch Goals and their effects on the game.