Okay, you folks have heard enough complaints from us about the difficulty of attracting additional senior programmers to our team. Well, this Stretch Goal is our latest attempt to overcome that challenge. We will use the proceeds from this Stretch Goal to coax two elusive senior-level programmers to join the team, by adding an appropriate amount to our current plan to pay them. FYI, these are the same two senior-level programmer positions that we have been trying to fill for well more than a year.

Now, there is another part of this Stretch Goal: I will match this SG out of my own pocket by adding $125,000 to my $2M contribution. We will use that additional money to reward the current team with an unexpected bonus to their planned raises. This is not simply a gesture: CSE is one big happy (usually) family, and it would be wrong in my mind to lure in new people without rewarding the current team as well. You don’t forget the Phouka you rode in on just because you want to add another one to your stable.

Thanks for supporting the “Hug the World” Stretch Goal; that one went down fast!

But wait, there’s more! Starting with this Stretch Goal, every time we attain another Stretch Goal we will award all of our Backers with a special item. This will be collector’s items (we will never, ever sell them or give them away, we promise) and they will not be pay-to-win items in any way. What will this first item be? That would be telling…