The Silverhands have a long tradition of tremendous sacrifice. When they come of age, each member of this race gives up their arm as a sign of dedication to the Realm. This is replaced with a silver limb, filled with mysterious power, though none can say whether the arm was transformed, replaced, or covered in metal. Among their powers is a talent for finding ore, and the Silverhands are great miners. Though they profess to be noble protectors of the forest Realm, the Silverhands have a dark connection to The Depths™ forged long ago when Nuada, the first Silverhand, perished in the darkness. The Arthurian Stormriders, who hate this race, claim the Silverhands are not afraid to draw power from that evil place when pressed. In truth, they dream of destroying The Depths, and slaying the evil that breathes within. And they will, once they find their forefather’s final resting place. The Silverhands see no contradiction here; they are humorless folk. Never ask a Silverhand if they “need a hand” in jest.

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