Who We Are

City State Entertainment is a collaborative, passionate, and pugnacious game studio. We push the boundaries of MMORPG gaming to transmute traditional industry ideas into new worlds and experiences. Rooted in classic RPGs and tabletop gaming, our designs create the opportunity for intense competition and fun. We believe that passionate players want a sense of achievement that is hard-won and fully satisfying, not just handed to them in the quest for the elusive WoW-killer.


Mark Jacobs is the godfather of Mythic Entertainment™ and Dark Age of Camelot®, with credits as a game designer on over 22 game titles over 30 years of professional game development. He co-founded City State Entertainment with programming superstar Andrew Meggs (Bethesda Softworks™, Mythic™, and Troika™ games) in March of 2011.
And then...
We imagined a game that grew from old-school ideas and blossomed with revolutionary systems for experience and abilities. We found the ideal way to create the game and inspire a community: Camelot Unchained™ is part crowdfunded and part self-funded (Mark is putting $2M of his own money into it as well). Our Kickstarter campaign raised over $2 million, and funds continue to rise. We want to create the next great RvR-based MMORPG and we are getting ever closer to sharing it with the world. We are currently in development, and plan to launch at the end of 2015. Welcome to Camelot Unchained!


Camelot Unchained
This is your story. This is the story of how you chose one of the three Realms and carved your name in the blood of your enemies. This is the story of how you became a legend.

March on Oz
March on Oz is available for your iPad. Combine action and strategy as you journey through the Worlds of Oz to defend the road of yellow bricks and defeat the Nomes!

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